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My Midwest Autumn Backyard

I thought I’d be blogging about a bountiful crop this year…lots of fresh produce, freezing and canning. I had high hopes, invested time and money, but Mother Nature wasn’t putting out this summer. Not enough rain to keep my beans going. My melons are the tiniest ever, mammoth sunflowers barely reached four feet tall.

My wonderful salsa bed has been the biggest disappointment of all. The plants look lovely and lush…but the tomatoes have not been ripening. My eggplant turned out to be the tiny white-fruited variety. They were tasty but few.

I still have hope for my carrot crop and the rutabagas are looking good too. I am so not ready for winter…but it’s coming regardless.

I walked around with my camera last week to see what’s on display in my back yard and found a few interesting things to share. It’s not winter yet!