A Day at the State Fair – Midwest Fun

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A Midwest Bug’s Life

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For more Wordless Wednesday photos, visit 5 Minutes for Mom and the Wordless Wednesday hub.

Midsummer Midwest Backyard

For more Wordless Wednesday photos, visit 5 Minutes for Mom and the Wordless Wednesday hub.

Music, Flowers and Mom Thoughts

While watching my flower video just now, I noticed my header flowers in it. I grew and photographed those asters back in 2009, then cut them to make a nice floral arrangement to take to my mother’s grave. She passed away in late 2008.

I photographed those specific flowers through the entire process and they eventually ended up on my blog. I love having them up there. Although they’re not really here anymore, they’re often in my mind. Like Mom.

Every now and then, I consider getting a blog facelift, but those flowers will have to stay right there at the top. They make me think each time I see them and I love that.

Anyhow…just sharing…a Mom thought.

And by the way…the Talking Heads get all the credit for the music in my video. I sincerely hope you’ll bother to click and watch it.

The flower photos were taken by me. I grew a lot of them and my Dad did too. A few were captured during walks with the kids and on vacations with my family. For some reason, I wanted to watch it this morning…which led me to thoughts…that drove me to the keyboard…which led me to this post.

Enjoy your day!

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms

I’m very pleased to be joining the Thursday Recipe Swap Meet this week. It’s a nifty blog hop hosted by Lorie from The Shewbridge’s of Central Florida and Marie at Xmas Dolly.

I hope you’ll hop over and look through the recipe contributions listed in the linky at either blog. Just click on the sweet little She Chef button to your left. You might discover your new favorite treat there!

The first time I tasted a bacon-wrapped mushroom, I was immediately in love. A great flavor combination, while completely simple to put together…had never occurred to me before that day.

So as I prepared bacon mushrooms earlier this week, it crossed my mind that there might be others out there that would really appreciate this simple dish, but just hadn’t thought of doing so yet. That’s why I decided to share the recipe here today.

Grilled Bacon Mushrooms

-8 oz fresh clean mushrooms
-16 oz bacon
-garlic powder
-lemon pepper
-bamboo skewers

Soak wooden skewers in water shortly before you make up the mushrooms. This will help keep the sticks from catching fire.

Wrap individual mushrooms with a slice of bacon and pierce with skewer. You can use an entire slice or just a half slice.

Be sure to poke the skewer through the loose end of the bacon to secure it onto the mushroom.

Load each skewer with 4 to 5 wrapped mushrooms. Season to taste.

Grill over a medium heat until cooked through…when bacon is done and mushroom has become tender and juicy.

If you use an outdoor grill be ready for bursts of fire as the bacon fat hits the hot coals or burner! Keep a close watch on them.


Now don’t forget to visit the other recipe entries at the blog hop. To get there…just click on the She Chef button at the top of my post. She’ll escort you safely over. Enjoy!

Midwest Summer Gardens

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From Fresh-Picked to Home-Canned – Green Beans

I picked green beans again yesterday. Ended up with three pounds…making a total harvest of four pounds so far this season.

My original plan for yesterday’s harvest, was to cook up a mess for dinner…to accompany our barbecued butterfly pork chops. But while I was nipping, I changed my mind and started packing the clean beans into glass pint Mason jars.

I ended up with seven all together. They’re so pretty. I love canning.