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I love gardening and fresh produce. I talk about it here.

My Midwest Autumn Backyard

I thought I’d be blogging about a bountiful crop this year…lots of fresh produce, freezing and canning. I had high hopes, invested time and money, but Mother Nature wasn’t putting out this summer. Not enough rain to keep my beans going. My melons are the tiniest ever, mammoth sunflowers barely reached four feet tall.

My wonderful salsa bed has been the biggest disappointment of all. The plants look lovely and lush…but the tomatoes have not been ripening. My eggplant turned out to be the tiny white-fruited variety. They were tasty but few.

I still have hope for my carrot crop and the rutabagas are looking good too. I am so not ready for winter…but it’s coming regardless.

I walked around with my camera last week to see what’s on display in my back yard and found a few interesting things to share. It’s not winter yet!


A Midwest Bug’s Life

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Midwest Summer Gardens

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From Fresh-Picked to Home-Canned – Green Beans

I picked green beans again yesterday. Ended up with three pounds…making a total harvest of four pounds so far this season.

My original plan for yesterday’s harvest, was to cook up a mess for dinner…to accompany our barbecued butterfly pork chops. But while I was nipping, I changed my mind and started packing the clean beans into glass pint Mason jars.

I ended up with seven all together. They’re so pretty. I love canning.

A Midwest Floral Update

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Garden Status – What’s Growing in the Midwest Vegetable Garden

It amazes me how quickly things change in the garden. I was surprised to find a teeny tiny watermelon today…

…and a few itty bitty baby tomatoes.

I really don’t know how I missed the jalapenos. Several are big enough to use already.

There’s a yellow squash that’s ready to be picked. We’ll have it for lunch this afternoon.

In a day or two, I’ll be picking green beans again…and peas might be ready then too!

The muskmelon, broccoli, eggplant and carrots are coming along fine.

Before you know it…salsa season will be here!

I love growing all this fresh produce. It’s so healthy and yummy.

I’m very excited about my veggie garden this year. It’s looking really good so far!

Green Beans from the Midwest Garden – Fresh!

Picked my first mess of fresh green beans yesterday. I was so excited when I noticed the young pods…couldn’t wait to get out and bring them in.

There were only a few, but the compact bushes are just filled with blossoms. Looks like it could be a good bean year!