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Caution…my dreams are sometimes explicit…and often weird. Proceed at your own risk.

A Fox in Wolves Clothing

I raised a fox in my basement, but it’s grown now. It looks more like a wolf to me. It’s of good size and not tame. The wolf is an inconvenience and I know that it would be fine living outdoors in the wild…that’s where it should be…this would be better for both of us. But there’s a dilemma. What if it is too dependent on me now and stays around and becomes a danger to small children nearby? What if the wolf starts eating them?

But in my house it poses this same danger. It could eat my family so I try to coax it out. I open the door to the outside, but it’s too afraid to run out. I try to scare it out, but I am afraid to give it cause to attack me.

I try to make sure everyone else inside is ok but none of the damned lights are working. Not one. I shout to my mother in the next room. To warn her. To have her get Dad. She tells me he’s in the next room and he cannot hear. It’s more than I can handle, so I wake up. Heart racing.

Am I dreaming in death? I was with a dead person in my dream a few nights ago too. I don’t realize that they’re dead in my dream. I remember this only after I wake and start to recall what I dreamed.


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes? Really?

I found myself in a hallway, standing against the wall with huge windows on the opposite side. Women with large cameras started lining up along side me. I wondered for a moment, then figured out what was going on.

Oh. My. Goodness. I was with a handful of bloggers waiting to cover the President’s arrival at Walt Disney World! Can you believe it? And only moments ago, I was driving a stolen tractor.

I assumed they were lining up a day early to get a good spot…and that I would miss the actual arrival. But what do you know? A large thick, orange jet appears in the sky outside the windows and lands in front of us. HE’s here! It’s President Obama and his family…and I get to witness it all! I’m so incredibly excited!!

The first family disembarks the jet (in their jammies), and lucky me…I have camera in hand. I snap and snap, I snap away. I fiddle for my phone for a tweet. I accidentally grab the phone from the woman next to me and shamefully return it, half amused at my awkwardness. Me. She was not amused an iota.

The Obamas dash by quickly waving and smiling but there are entertainers of the circus parade variety following them and I try to get photos of it all. None of my pictures are turning out very good of course. But I keep trying.

After the hubbub has past, I notice a table of goodies set out before us. Several varieties of yummy cookies and cakes…but I can’t have any. Wretched gluten, you know. Still I look…and I inhale deeply to get a taste.

A fellow blogger makes a snide comment about having to show forever gratitude or risk never being invited again. So as I’m walking out, I thank everyone. I don’t really know who’s in charge, so I have to cover my bases. And I am grateful.

No one seems very fond of me, but then a shorter, thicker woman says, “That’s a nice look for you.” I smile and thank her. Until I notice that my skirt is in a bunch and unbuttoned. My pubic line is showing and I scramble to cover myself properly. I look back at the woman and see that she’s pulled off her wig. She’s actually a grumpy little man. It’s Disney.

I continue to walk and now I’m in a mall. But I can’t remember where I parked. I’m walking in circles trying to recall and realize I’m actually at school. Problem though…I cannot for the life of me remember my class schedule. I let myself off the hook because it’s a brand new semester, but I’m really puzzled as to why I don’t know where I’m supposed to be. I turn the corner and I’m in a hospital, then a Disney building and I’m back in the mall.

A group of Japanese entertainers, dressed as Chinese clowns are in front of me. The woman in charge of their group notices my dismay and decides to cheer me up…but I nearly fall in a giant fake egg roll. When a dog comes up behind me and starts to hump me…well I’ve had too much. It’s time to go.

I wake myself and I wonder, “Crap! Did I oversleep? Are the kids late for school?” But all is well, though my heart is really racing. Where in the world did this come from? YIKES! And except for the stupid rude dog…it was kind of fun.

Ooo-oo Dream Griever – I Believe You Can Help Me Through the Night

Dreamed about my mom this morning. She had reluctantly returned to us after a long absence. I felt like she was actually there with me and not just in a dream. Her hair was black again. She was young and full of life but there was a sadness about her.

She was walking outdoors with my oldest sister. I was trying to hang freshly washed towels on the line. I was carrying more than I could handle when they pointed out how many I’d dropped. I was walking along stooping over to pick them up. I became concerned with the time and resources I was wasting by getting them dirty again. I was proud to report to Mom that I could just run them through the rinse cycle and not have to re-wash them…not quite as wasteful.

Mom was a little dismayed about all the work that was piling up. She pointed out dandelions that were growing along the inside wall of a big machine shed in the back yard. I was happy to ease her worry. I had already planned to come out with a hoe later that day to take care of the weeding.

Mom was with us out of a sense of duty or obligation. Dad had retrieved her from her new home, but I could tell she longed to be back there. She was much happier when she was away. I wanted her with me, but wanted her happy too. I set her free…told her not to worry about us and to go back. We’ll be okay.

..but I really miss my mom.

Little Dreamer

I’m changing my daughter’s name from H to Hilly for this and all subsequent posts about her. I started using H because it seems that’s the standard for online codenames–first initial. I hate it though. Well, now her name is Hilly. She has no clue and I have no idea why I chose it. Anyway…I give you, Hilly’s dream. ETA: Now known as Miss Ivanka. ;o)

Hilly dreamed we were driving to Walt Disney World in the van. There were Barbies riding with us. “Barbie goes with a tramp.” she said. I needed further explanation about this tramp. “It’s a car-kind of tramp…like in Madagascar 2.” Hilly sketched a tramp for me.

car-like tramp

She explained that she didn’t like the Barbies. They all had a red scratch on the back of their necks…so she was throwing them out the window at our hotel. Many of them would pop when they hit the road. We started with about ten but soon there were around thirty! They would replicate right out of the seats of the tramp. One of the Barbie’s popped just as Hilly was about to toss it out the window.

“I hated this dream, but it was pretty cool.” Funny girl.

No Answer

I dreamed that Mom and Dad were getting divorced.  Seemed amicable though.  Dad was happy and looking forward to life with a new love.  Mom was silent and without mood.  I didn’t want her to know how happy Dad was.  They were technically still married.

I smoked pot with my mom but I didn’t want her to know?  Confusing, I guess.  She knew that I smoked, but I didn’t want to admit it so I hid it from her.  Stupid.  I found Lisa R and invited her to come hang out with me.  I had small tropical fish to tend to.  I set them up temporarily in a tank with shallow water until I could get back to them later.

I saw Robert Reece today on my way to take Hannah to school.  We were stopped together at the same intersection, I turned left across his path.  I smiled and waved.  He looked at me, but gave no response.  I hope he feels stupid for what he did to me.

I don’t want Christmas to come.  I don’t want to be nice.  I’m a naughty person.

I Love Walter Payton

I dreamed my baby pooped…again and again.  I was visiting and embarrassed at all the shit spots he made in this house.  It took a long time to clean up.  I thought some of the stains were probably not caused by my baby as we were never in those rooms…but it looked like it had to be me since it was obvious we were dealing with crap, so I didn’t dispute them.

I was in Florida for a non-Disney vacation.  Once again I needed to change my baby’s shitty diaper.  In an attempt to get out of the way and not offend anyone…I placed him on a small wall shelf in a wide hallway.  The shelf was narrow and looked a bit like a chalk tray.  Surprisingly, he fit fine and I changed his diaper while others looked over the hanging pieces of artwork.

After I finish…a very polite, extremely handsome black man cleans the shelf with disinfectant and a rag.  He’s smiles the entire time and doesn’t seem annoyed at all.  He’s dressed very nicely as are the people with him.  I don’t know who he is at first and don’t think anything of it.  Eventually, I figure out that he’s the artist displaying his work…and he’s Walter Payton!!!  OMG!  It’s Sweetness!!  I can’t believe I’m in his presence…that I have been all this time…and my gawd…I changed my baby’s shitty diaper right on his display.  ugh. 

What could be worse?  Well, I’ll tell you.  The older woman with Walter comes over to speak to me.  I’m now sitting on a raised bed or couch and her hand is at the end of this bed near my butt.  I feel a tug on my ass hairs and cringe that she’s mistakenly put her hands on my butt hair and is accidentally pulling on it.  I back away slightly to correct the embarrassing situation then realize the tug is coming from my best friend’s foot.  She’s behind me and I sat on her foot unknowingly.  A slightly less humiliating situation, but why the hell is my ass exposed?

I realize then, that I have my camera with me (my baby disappeared?) and what an opportunity this is for photographing!  Something to share with my virtual friends…and PLEASE…an avatar with me and Walter together?  I’d be the envy of EVERYONE!  But of course…my camera starts acting all fish-eyed and things are looking strange.  As I’m trying to get it adjusted…the artwork has been taken down…and Walter has left the building.

I catch up to my best friend.  I think I was visiting her mother and sisters before.  My friend has been vacationing in FL too.  She’s telling me about her plans for the following morning and it occurs to me that I’m leaving for home the next day.  I look around me and wonder if I should start packing.  Then I try to coordinate some time for us together.

We are walking around checking out the sights.  Lisa poses under a cool tree and places a seed pod or something on her head so I can take a picture.  I snap the shot.  She’s very thin and looks great.  The seed pod looks like a big fluffy brown wig with tiny lights on the tips.  It makes a nice photo.  My teen son, Kimeters is with us and walks ahead with my friend…as I try and get some photographs to take home.

Now I have to crap.  Kimeters and my best friend continue walking and I duck into a small building…the toilet is in the center of the room with a few fountains, tables and some mess.  There are a few people in there just hanging out, talking with each other.  The toilet is kind of high and I have to climb up on it.  I shit and wipe, but need something more than just toilet paper.  I grab a dirty paper plate, fill it with fresh water and dump it onto my crotch.  Then I take my hand and wash my butt off.  I’m pretty sure these people are disgusted but I do what I have to do and just get the heck out of there.

I don’t see my friend or my son anywhere, but instinctively walk towards some live music I hear ahead.  Yep!  They’re there.  I was worried they’d be harder to find…you know how dreams can be.  We’re now at a backyard party.  There are lots of people there, no one we know.  There’s a keg of beer.  The band is playing some East Indian music.  This isn’t that kind of crowd though, is it?  I pull out my camera again and attempt to take more photos.   Every time I try to frame a shot, something appears in the way and it’s no good.

The band stops and takes a break.  As they are walking off stage and down the driveway, I listen to their conversation and attempt to photograph a few of them.  They seem a bit arrogant which is inappropriate as their music wasn’t that good.  This will also be a nice story to share.  Photography still not working out though.

Then I notice all the jets overhead.  There’s quite a few of them and they are flying in formation.  Then another wave of jets.  This time there are many, many more of them…and they are towing large missiles.  I assume they are taking them somewhere to blast someone far away and hate how horrific the scenario will be.  Then I notice that the jets are flying extremely low, are very large and there are fuses on the missiles that are lit….close to exploding.

What a very good time to wake up.  Heart racing.

I Dreamed…

…I was at a coastal resort with girls I know. I’ve been here before in previous dreams, but not with these people…I dont even like a couple of them. As we’re walking, we end up in a group of tourists and befriend a guy who ends up driving us in his truck…only he was driving too near the water’s edge…actually, he was driving in the shallows of the coastline when he misjudged and the truck floated backwards out into the ocean…then of course it started sinking, rear-first. My first reaction was to get the window down and get out…but I knew the electric windows weren’t going to work. I wondered if I could break mine…before I could try, I woke myself up. Fuck that dream.