Dream Sequence

I dreamed about my brother-in-law last night.

But he was Jay’s follower/successor, not really Jay, as Jay has passed away. He was walking me to my car and was going to tell me a secret. We were discussing herbs maybe. I was expecting him to tell me he didn’t really die. That he was the real Jay D Hill. Instead, he told me that he really did die, but that it was ok. Not amazing like all the talk of heaven we hear, but it wasn’t awful either.

Mom was there too! We were having a family yard sale. It hadn’t been going great…not a lot of sales. But then black people started pulling up in nice 80’s cars. I was looking at our stuff to see what I could throw on my free pile. One lady exclaimed, “Toilet paper! How much you want for that?” Mom brought it to the sale so she could blow her nose on it. The lady wanted just wanted one roll so I gave it to her. Mom didn’t seem thrilled with that. There were quite a few rolls left though, so I didn’t care much.

My friend, Chris was there too. She lost her son last Mothers Day, in real life. Her remaining son was in my dream crying. He wanted to snuggle with Jonah and me. He laid down with us and I put my arm around him. I wanted to help his hurt.

I broke my iPod in my hand and begged Anton to come help me with the broken pieces before I cut myself. He wouldn’t. He was busy talking about himself and didn’t really notice that I needed anything. As I glanced over his way, I could see moving things casting shadows against the white wall. The moving things were not apparent though, only the shadows could be seen.

I watched a guy fall off his motorcycle into the road and then get smashed in the head and run over by an oncoming vehicle.

The end.


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