Still Dreaming After All These Years

I had a kitten that looked like Skippyjon Jones…scruffy white chihuahua-like. He even wagged his tail like a dog. We crossed paths near a clinic where I was being treated and became traveling buddies. Before I met Skippycat, a nurse (?) at the clinic pulled me aside and secretly asked me to take something to a contact at another facility. A nursing home maybe? Nearby? I think I was in Garrett, Illinois. Such a small peanut of a town, but I didn’t know my way around. She behaved as if it was some huge secret…very important for me to be discreet. When she came back with the package I was to deliver, I was surprised by the contents. I expected there to be drugs in it. In a small zip-loc bag were about half a dozen long metal clips…like you might see hanging on a lanyard or name tag. I was puzzled by the mission…and confused about exactly who and where I was to take them.

I hopped on an old thick-framed bicycle…very much like the one my grandpa used to have. It was kind of top-heavy and awkward to ride. I saw the kitten and picked him up. He seemed to like me so I took him with me. Skippycat sat in front on the top bar of the frame with his paws on my handlebars. I rode in the snow-covered, unpaved roads heading east..still unsure where I was going. Up ahead, there was a line of men walking into work, something had them backed up. All the snow maybe. I spotted an old neighbor, childhood school mate of mine. Wanted to say hi to Doug because he’s always glad to see me. Wanted to tell him I was up visiting from Florida. I was unable to find him again after I got closer, so I continued on my mystery mission.

I ended up riding into someone’s home. They were nice to me…wasn’t really odd at all that I was there with my kitty on my bike. I walked around the house, still trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and where I was going. Skippy found a bowl of water to lap at. That’s where I noticed he could wag his tail like a dog. My littles showed up there eventually…or my kitten morphed into them. I’m not sure.


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