A Fox in Wolves Clothing

I raised a fox in my basement, but it’s grown now. It looks more like a wolf to me. It’s of good size and not tame. The wolf is an inconvenience and I know that it would be fine living outdoors in the wild…that’s where it should be…this would be better for both of us. But there’s a dilemma. What if it is too dependent on me now and stays around and becomes a danger to small children nearby? What if the wolf starts eating them?

But in my house it poses this same danger. It could eat my family so I try to coax it out. I open the door to the outside, but it’s too afraid to run out. I try to scare it out, but I am afraid to give it cause to attack me.

I try to make sure everyone else inside is ok but none of the damned lights are working. Not one. I shout to my mother in the next room. To warn her. To have her get Dad. She tells me he’s in the next room and he cannot hear. It’s more than I can handle, so I wake up. Heart racing.

Am I dreaming in death? I was with a dead person in my dream a few nights ago too. I don’t realize that they’re dead in my dream. I remember this only after I wake and start to recall what I dreamed.


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