So Just Kiss Her Ass Goodbye

I dreamed I was with a lot of dogs. Sammies mostly. They were running loose and a little on the wild side. My fault. I’d been neglecting them.

My sister was there with her beautiful dog. A greenish-gray wolf-like creature, he was running. He was beautiful and strong. I was envious. His fur was slightly iridescent, full and healthy.

I was attempting to gather my dogs…to make things right, but they were far and wide. My task seemed impossible.

Then I was surrounded by people. By family and friends and acquaintances, a Relay for Life event on West Scott St. I looked for my sisters so I could join them. They were sitting at a table near the house. I sat with them unnoticed. They were talking.

I wondered where Mom was. She had been among the crowd before, but I couldn’t see her anymore. Someone else wondered as well because I heard them ask about her aloud.

I looked up into the house through a window and noticed that she had gone inside. I could see her as she entered her room. Wearing her bee hive hair do…it was perfect. So was her tan. I understood that she had probably been too tired to stay at the gathering any longer and went indoors to rest…to get away.

Then I noticed that below her shirt that she had no pants on…and there was no meat on her at all below her waist…just her painfully thin legs and her starved skinny ass. It was misshapen and resembling a baboons, unhuman.

I wondered how she had the strength to carry her body around on her frail frame. And I wondered if she knew everyone was looking at her through the sheers. I wanted to warn her. I was completely caught by surprise when she backed-up to the window, bent over and pressed her butt up near the window pane.

It was obvious to me that she was telling the people below, the crowd left outside…to just kiss her ass.


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