A Midwest Bug’s Life

Don’t forget to click on individual photos in order to see the full screen version!

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2 responses to “A Midwest Bug’s Life

  1. Wow!!! Cindy, truly your photos should be published and you should be paid for them! The one of the spider is very hard for me to look at however. Please tell me you didn’t get that close!! EEEK! The detail is all of them is striking! Thanks for sharing! Umm, ‘cept for the spider! :)

    • Yeah…I got that close. My macro lens is one of the less expensive lenses…so I have to get close and hold very still. I consider it hard to use. If you blow up that spider photo…you can see his/her smiling face. I think it’s adorable. But I sure wouldn’t want it crawling on me. Eek!

      Thanks for the compliment Tonya…sincerely. I would LOVE to be published and paid. Maybe someday…but there are so many photographers out there that are much better than me. Lots of them wanting to be published and paid. So glad I can at least do it for fun.

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