Music, Flowers and Mom Thoughts

While watching my flower video just now, I noticed my header flowers in it. I grew and photographed those asters back in 2009, then cut them to make a nice floral arrangement to take to my mother’s grave. She passed away in late 2008.

I photographed those specific flowers through the entire process and they eventually ended up on my blog. I love having them up there. Although they’re not really here anymore, they’re often in my mind. Like Mom.

Every now and then, I consider getting a blog facelift, but those flowers will have to stay right there at the top. They make me think each time I see them and I love that.

Anyhow…just sharing…a Mom thought.

And by the way…the Talking Heads get all the credit for the music in my video. I sincerely hope you’ll bother to click and watch it.

The flower photos were taken by me. I grew a lot of them and my Dad did too. A few were captured during walks with the kids and on vacations with my family. For some reason, I wanted to watch it this morning…which led me to thoughts…that drove me to the keyboard…which led me to this post.

Enjoy your day!


2 responses to “Music, Flowers and Mom Thoughts

  1. Thanks again Cindy, for sharing :) You are a very gifted photographer and writer, and one of the reasons I remain on facebook! :)

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