Gimpity – The Broke Leg Bunny

Meet Gimpity. He’s my thumpless lawn rabbit.

Lawn rabbits are timid by nature. They’re normally quick too. The thumpless variety, however are a little slower. And my Gimpity seems slightly more daring.

Gimpity has a serious problem with his right hind leg. It’s badly broken between the hip and knee…I think. It’s badly broken is definite…exact location of the break is a bit of a guess.

This puts Gimp at a huge disadvantage in the “cruel” world out there so I don’t expect him to live very long. He seems pretty content though and I like this about him. I hate that I’ve grown a little attached to this bunny.

I’ve been taking advantage of Gimpity’s disadvantage…I’ve been hounding him with my camera.

Through the photos I shot, I learned that Gimp has a problem with at least one tick. You can see it as a swollen bag of blood at the base of his ear in the picture directly above. Poor guy. Without the use of his leg, he’s unable to scratch the blood-sucker away.

I thought of Thumper as I watched Gimpity selecting the clover flowers and noticed that he also ate the greens. Good boy Gimp.

And I couldn’t help but think of Lady and the Tramp as I watched a dandelion stem get shorter and shorter as Gimpity nibbled it down.

All cute stuff ya’ mangy rabbit. I’m rootin’ for ya’ Gimp!


6 responses to “Gimpity – The Broke Leg Bunny

  1. Poor guy!! I’m rootin’ for ya too Gimpity!!

  2. Just noticed tonight that Gimp is using the bad leg more now. Maybe he’ll actually fully recover. I held my breath as he crossed my busy street…and he made it safely.

  3. Ok seriously! Now I’m attached to this stupid rabbit too. Darn it!

  4. Nice shots! I am pulling for you Gimpity! Thanks for sharing.

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