Ultimate Blog Party – A Wall Flower

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hello Ultimate Blog Party hoppers! I’m really excited to finally be a part of the action…it really is a thrill! My name is Lucinda, but please, just call me Cindy. About me?

Well…I’m a gluten-free, college-educated, unmarried mother, edging very near 50. I had two children in my 20s, one in my 30s and two more in my 40s. I am no stranger to ADD or SPD…skin rashes, allergies or reflux.

I’m a laid back, down-to-earth, recycling/reusing, frugal and creative lady. I love my family, nature, photography, Disney, facebook and blogging!

I maintain three blogs and I post regularly to each of them.

, “Without a Care in the World” gets most of my attention and earns me the most traffic. I’m a long time Disney fan and post my Disney related thoughts, experiences, party ideas and photos here. It’s all Disney…all the time. Just the way I like it!

PhotograMomma.wordpress.com is a photo blog by DizzneeMomma. I started a photo-a-day project back in 2008 and enjoyed it a lot. I learned a great deal about photography…but most of all I found that I love it. That year also happened to be the last year that my mother was alive so it’s become a very special project of mine.

In 2009, I wasn’t able to take pictures anymore…too full of sadness over my loss. I tried several times to pick up my camera and shoot again, but couldn’t stick with it. In 2010 I started PhotograMomma and have continued posting photos there ever since.

Another Anonymous Blogging Mom (this one!) is my random personal blog. Here I post craft ideas I learned from Grandma, art class or Girl Scouts. I like to share every day recipes that my family will actually eat, music that I love and like to dance to…and thoughts or dreams that I have. Sometimes there’s even a post about my haunted house.

So…that’s me…condensed. But I’m late now for the party (typical) and I need to get moving and meet people.


16 responses to “Ultimate Blog Party – A Wall Flower

  1. I like that. That’s you in a nutshell.

  2. Wow! That is a lot of blogs going on, I have no idea how you keep up with all the other things going on too. I’m super impressed!

    Hope you can stop by my party too and say hi when you get the chance. See you then!

  3. stopping by and following via UBP!!

  4. Thank you for coming by and here I am returning the favor. :-) Glad you hopped in and joined the UBP this year!

    Hope you have a great weekend on that end!

  5. Clicked over from the Blog Party!

    Good for you for stretching yourself. It’s hard though, yes?

    Three blogs? You are crazy. One is sometimes too much.

  6. Hi! I’m stopping by from the UBP – I’m #73 (Being Made New – http://tinahollenbeck.blogspot.com) on the Christian list. Very nice to get to know a bit about you – and I’d be honored if you would make it to my place this week. :^)

  7. Wow, three blogs! I would forever be behind if I had three! LOL

    • Oh goodness. I should change the name of this blog to ForeverBehind…because that’s what I am. I’ve wanted to slim down to just one…but I could never decide which to part with. I’m so attached to all three. I really need more of me.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Just stopping in from the UBP to say Hello!!

  9. I can barely keep up with one blog let alone 3, so kuddos to you.:) I am stopping by from the blog party. Have a great week.

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