Music Moves Me Monday – It’s a Guy Thing

Male artists is the theme for this week’s Music Moves Me Monday at


I consider several male artists to be my favorites. John Lennon, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Elton John, David Byrne and Freddy Mercury are all at the top of my list. Each one is (or was) an extremely gifted song writer, recording artist and performer…loaded with talent and timeless appeal. At least in my mind.

But this week, I’m working with photos from last year’s family summer vacation and I struggled a little in my search for a fitting song by one of my favorite male artists. Many of John’s songs were either too angry/political or too deeply in love…not a good match for the mood of my pictures.

David Bowie’s and Alice Cooper’s songs weren’t fitting the bill and Billy Joel wasn’t hitting the mark either. When I stumbled on Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” I knew I found my song.

I could easily include Paul in my list of favorite male talents and the song seems very fitting for my intentions.

So here you have it!

Your turn to play!

1. -Select your favorite online music videos to share…or make your own.

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10 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – It’s a Guy Thing

  1. Great choice with your wonderful photos! COME ON SUMMER, but for now HAPPY SPRING! At least that finally got here! It’s in the 60’s by me, but my house is cold. I think I’ll go outside to warm up! ~HEHE~ Love the picture with your baby in sunglasses he looks like such a big boy, but the pacifier kind of gives it away! He’s such a cutie! You done good with those pics, and the last picture lol too appropriate. Thanks for playing today hope to see you next week too!

    • It is very nice outside right now…but sounds like we’ll be getting another blast of cold weather by end of the week. Blah. I am VERY excited about spring!!

  2. Beautiful song choice and love love the photos!


  3. I love that you make your own videos!!!!! Love the music and the photos!!

  4. That was fun! Nice job.

  5. Nicely done! I love how you incorporate your own pictures with the music – perfection! ;)

    Male Artist Smörgåsbord – MMMM

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