A New Me – Gluten Free?

I’m very lucky to have received from my parents, a healthy body with a good metabolism. I’ve never had any serious health issues and never any problem losing weight. In fact, I used to have a very hard time putting on pounds…even when I was pregnant.

Well…the weight “problem” ended in my late 30’s and I no longer have trouble gaining a pound or two…or five…or ten. Still, my weight is easy enough to control as long as I eat well and remain active.

But lately, I’ve developed digestive issues. Specifically, acid reflux and fire belly…and it’s yucky like it sounds.

Whenever health issues trouble me or a member of my family, I become a mad woman googling symptoms and searching websites. This time was no different.

I discovered that acid reflux is not a small problem. If left untreated, it can most certainly lead to esophogal cancer, which is 2nd only to pancreatic cancer in claiming its victims’ lives.

Cancer scares the shit out of me. I’ve seen it close up and watched it take people I love in an ugly and humbling battle. I don’t want this for myself, and I most certainly don’t want my children to lose their mother that way.

So off to the doctor I ran. In a short interview and an even shorter exam, I was prescribed Prilosec…a proton-pump inhibitor. This worked great…truly a wonder drug. I took it religously each morning like an old lady…hating the fact, that I need a drug now, daily for the rest of my life.

But just this past Christmas it stopped working…so I quit taking it. With high hopes, I decided to try and address the problem by way of a new diet. My problems all started when I removed milk from my diet and replaced it with soy. I was told that cutting milk would not be the cause of my problem…but I couldn’t let loose of the fact…the timing. Was it really just a coincidence?

So when the Prilosec failed me, my thoughts went back to the milk/soy swap. If the absense of milk was not the problem…maybe the presence of soy was. Maybe my problem stems from a food allergy so I cut it. I hoped that I could stay off pills and control the acid instead with a lifestyle change.

Then my daughter mentioned that some people with soy allergies also have gluten problems. Interesting connection. So I decided to try cutting gluten from my diet. Not an easy thing to do though. It’s in practically everything…especially foods that I love. Like noodles and cookies. It’s even in canned soups and vitamins and candy.

Difficult to avoid, but not at all impossible. I found that knowing where gluten lies is the hard part. Living without it is easy. I just hope the change is my answer.


3 responses to “A New Me – Gluten Free?

  1. My celiac panel came back normal. Next up, ultrasound.

  2. Off Protonix now for 5 days. Not perfect…still having the feeling of over-eating towards evening. But…possibly…I’m over-eating. Definitely feeling much better without gluten.

    Eating gluten…seems to make me have dull sore throat at first and slight numbness in my mouth. Then develops into headache and nausea day or so later. Noticeable difference off gluten.

    Pain in side that I’ve had since moving into this house…seems somewhat alleviated. In fact, did increase intensely both time I went back on gluten. First time was as Dr advised…second time, the GS cookies made me do it.

  3. Oh…still haven’t gone for the US. I guess I’m waiting to see if the pain goes away with the new diet. Seems to be diminishing. I hope I’m right.

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