Music Moves Me Monday – A Month of Love Songs


I was planning to save Cyndi for “favorite female vocalist” week, and had an idea already about how I would present my favorite Cyndi Lauper song. But, as usual, I left myself with little time to put this week’s post together so I’m using her now, today.

True Colors sounds beautiful enough to be a love song and gets powerful enough to be a great one…but it’s another one of those songs, that for me, is more of a declaration of love for family and a love for self than it is a romantic love song.

My favorite color-filled photos from the Happiest Place on Earth accompany the song, but won’t necessarily correspond to any lyrics. Maybe I’ll do that someday…when I quit waiting until last minute to get started.

Here’s my choice for the week, True Colors by Cyndi Lauper from her CD “Twelve Deadly Cyns”:

If you would like to play along, just follow any or all of these dance steps:

1. -Select your favorite online music videos to share.

2. -Grab the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme button off XmasDolly or Shewbridge’s.

3. -Grab XmasDolly’s and Lorie’s buttons and sign the Linky on one site or the other.

4. -Visit other participant sites and share some comment love. Get to know one another and have fun!


7 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – A Month of Love Songs

  1. Perfect song! Gosh, I haven’t heard that one in so very long! Did you see Cindy Lauper’s face on the news the other day? Some kind of reaction at the Spa, but it looked horrible. Thanks for playing along with us today & we hope to see you next week too for Valentines Day! Have a great week.

    • I didn’t see her face on the news. I don’t have television, but I’ll check it out on the web. I “like” her on facebook and follow her on twitter. Truly love her! I hope she’s ok.

  2. Cyndi Lauper has always been so awesome; great voice and talent but more importantly the way that she did everything her own way. She is a true original and made it all work out with fame and success.

  3. I love how you intertwine the music with these adorable photos!

    Very nice choice!

    Glad you danced with us!

  4. I love when you add photos of your kids to music… plus you used my favorite place on earth = PERFECT!
    This is a great song, I’m glad you posted it. There are many more songs of her’s you can post next month for your favorite female artist.
    You picked a good one, for someone who doesn’t like love songs! :)

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