Music Moves Me Monday – Favorite Group


I thought I would never be able to select a favorite group for this week’s assignment. As I went through the “files” in my head, trying to decide who that group would be…nothing came to the forefront. I’m not familiar with any new groups and I can’t say that I like many of the groups that I loved growing up.

But as I searched through my actual music collection, it didn’t take me long to find my selection for the week. The Talking Heads have been a consistent favorite of mine since the early 80’s. I loved them back then and still love them today.

I pulled out Sand in the Vaseline and listened to song after song. Then finally my choice became clear. I selected “All Night Long” and opted to accompany the music with photos of my babies. All five of them.

I hope you’ll like it!!

If you would like to play along, just follow any or all of these dance steps:

1. -Select your favorite online music videos to share.

2. -Grab the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme button off XmasDolly or Shewbridge’s.

3. -Grab XmasDolly’s and Lorie’s buttons and sign the Linky on one site or the other.

4. -Visit other participant sites and share some comment love. Get to know one another and have fun!


7 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – Favorite Group

  1. Oh that is too adorable! I almost want to change mine, and put the same thing. Such adorable baby and the perfect song to go along with it! ~hehe~ Thanks for playing along, and sure hope we see you next week too! Have a great week!

  2. Lucinda, that is a great song, and I totally LOVE how you added those adorable photos of your kids…. all five of them. :) What a great idea.
    I’m glad that you were able to play along again this week, hope you can play next Monday, too.
    Looking forward to your choices next week.

  3. How cute.
    Glad you stop by, I am late visiting, but I am here. I would like to make a video like that too. It’s such a treasure. The kids love watching it.

    • Hi Amanda! I have so many photos and videos that need tending to and this meme has given me motivation to get some of that work done.
      See ya’ ’round the blogoshpere!!

  4. I love this video!

    Gosh they are just so cute!

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