Happy Old Year!

The end of another year is near now. It’s time to check back on last year’s resolutions…to compare where I am now, with my expectations then. I haven’t looked yet. So I have no idea if I should be happy with myself or disappointed.

Let’s see.

Resolution One “Along with the normal, improve my eating habits and start an exercise program, I am proclaiming that I intend to become a regular blogger and find ways to improve it to the point of where I’m secure enough to share.”

Wow! I do blog regularly now…which is what I meant by regular blogger…and I have improved to the point where I like sharing what I write. The normal “improve my eating habits and start an exercise program” …eh..not so much.

Resolution Two “I resolve to take a photo each day.”

For the most part I’ve done this too. I do miss days…and quite a few lately. But more importantly to me…I learned how to use the manual controls on my point and shoot camera…and I purchased myself a new Canon dSLR this year. Problem is…now I want more lenses.

I also mentioned that I fantasized about actually getting out of my van to take photos…strolling through the woods or canoeing down the river with camera. I still need to work on this. I need to make more time for my camera and myself.

Resolution Three “I WILL return to healthy eating and exercise!”

I have botched this terribly. I eat too many sweets and over-processed foods, not enough fresh fruits and vegetables or water…I eat too much in general and I eat too late. Exercise does not exist in my day-to-day life.

I guess I’m not a total failure but I’ve really got to get on the stick with my eating and exercise habits. Time now, to think seriously about changes and goals for 2011.

How about you? What are your resolutions for the new year?


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