Video Games Live – One Up for the Geeks

Video Games Live is a unique concert experience featuring orchestral music, laser lights and video sequences from popular game titles. I first heard about the event through my facebook newsfeed. I was immediately intrigued so I clicked through to the PBS website to find out more.

There, I watched the video PBS Presents Video Games Live Preview and decided immediately that one way or another, I had to see this performance with my family.

The preview contains clips from the concert in New Orleans with dialogue from interviews with VGL creators. Tommy is madly passionate about his brainchild and it shows. Even Jamie Lee Curtis joins to add her thoughts.

I’m a big fan of live performing arts. I love human talent in general. I truly wanted to see this show and suspected a few of my offspring would be interested in viewing it as well. It was a perfect program for us geeks to watch together.

I had very high hopes of catching VGL when it aired so I searched my local PBS schedule. I couldn’t find it listed. I tried to buy the DVD online, but failed there too. The “Buy Now” button on the PBS link was greyed and unclickable. I assumed the situation would change and decided to check back in the future.

Then one morning on facebook, I noticed a post from my daughter. Video Games Live with Tommy Tallarico was on its way to the Chicago Theatre! Chicago isn’t at all far from home. I really wanted to go and was excited as heck that I could actually make it happen.

For fear of a sell-out, I quickly bought seven tickets online and got the best of the cheap seats. Non-refundable…done deal. My whole family was going to see Video Games Live LIVE!!


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