Music Moves Me Monday – Christmas Without You


I played a lot of my favorite Christmas music over the past week. My six year-old requested it and I could not deny her. Holiday music for me is deeply rooted with memories of Mom and Grandma…I owe it to my daughter to give her the same.

My musical selection this week is from one of my mom’s favorite Christmas albums. I can close my eyes and still hear Mom singing along with Lynn Anderson. It’s really a sad song, but Mom was happy singing it.

Another Lynn Anderson song that Mom loved to sing was a favorite for me and my sisters as well. Jingle Bell Rock rocked! Sometimes Mom would get us dancing with her too. Loved that!!

…and please excuse the video portion of my selections. Kinda blah. The audio was far superior to the others I could find…and it’s about the music, right? ;)

Happy Holidays All!!

If you would like to play along with us, just follow these steps:

1. -Select your favorite online music videos to share.

2. -Grab the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme button off XmasDolly or Shewbridge’s.

3. -Grab XmasDolly’s and Lorie’s buttons and sign the Linky on one site or the other.

4. -Visit other participant sites and share some comment love. Get to know one another and have fun!


12 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – Christmas Without You

  1. Those are a couple of great Christmas Spirits songs. Thanks for playing along, and I hope you play along with us next week too. Have a great day and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  2. I haven’t heard those songs in so long… THAT is the perfect rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” – it is the one me and my kids used to dance around the kitchen while baking Christmas cookies to. Thanks for the memories – both yours and mine. HUGS
    I just love all the Christmas music we are all sharing and can’t wait for the all of it during the rest of the month. :-)

  3. I agree! It’s about the music :)

    I love these!

    Thanks for playing with us today.

    aloha! :)

  4. Definitely about the music – and I think those were my mom’s favorites, too! :) Thanks for sharing!

    MMMM: Up on the Housetop

  5. Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell is my favorite!

  6. her voice is sweet and gentle. I like your picks, got to get into the spirit.

  7. Had not heard any Lynn Anderson in a long time! Her voice is very distinctive. I think I would have know it was her singing, had I not seen the name. Thanks for the memories! Enjoyed!

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