Music Moves Me Monday – Mahna Mahna

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World is traveling the US and currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. It’s scheduled to be there until late January of 2011. I visited the museum a couple of weekends ago with my five offspring, where we were able to see the Henson exhibit for ourselves.

There were glass encased displays of Muppets. Some were from way back…even a few, I’d never seen before. Time-lines, storyboards and artwork hung on the walls. Video played on monitors and there were even a couple interactive areas for children.

The exhibit was interesting for true Henson/Muppet fans…but was memorable for me specifically because of what happened to me there.

I consider myself a photographer. I’m not great, but I do love it. So I was very much looking forward to capturing the Henson exhibit to share with fellow Muppet fans online.

As I entered with my family, I put the three oldest kids, (28, 24 and 15) in charge of the two little ones (3 and 6). I wanted freedom to focus on taking pictures.

I was probably halfway through the exhibit, with twenty great shots on disc, when I noticed the sign on the wall near Rowlf.

Oops. No Photography. I shut off my camera and replaced my lens cap. I guess I should have known…but I just didn’t.

I returned to my role as guardian of the little people and helped them put on their own puppet show. When the 3 year-old lost interest, he headed over to put the eyes, hair and clothes on cardboard puppets that stuck to the wall. I followed him over.

This is where I got into trouble. Mahna Mahna and the Snowfs stood on display right next to the interactive area. I wanted a photo of them so badly, I couldn’t stand it.

So like any other bad person would do, I slyly turned my camera back on, removed the lens cap and shot a few photos from the hip. Bad girl…but I got my shots and returned my camera to the Off position.

Soon after, a security guard came out and announced to everyone, “No photography allowed in the Muppet exhibit.” Then turned to me and asked, “How are you doing?” I responded with a considerable amount of stupid in my voice. We smiled at each other and that was it.

When I turned back to my 3 year-old however, he was gone. I panicked. My baby is special. He doesn’t seem to think like average children and I worried about his safety.

I alerted the older kids and put two of them in charge of the 6 year-old. The 15 year-old and I quickly swept through the entire exhibit but didn’t find Jonebug inside.

I alerted the security guard and ran out of the museum in search of my baby boy. I asked numerous people if they’d seen him, but no one had.

I ran throughout the entire second floor of the museum until one of the museum employees stopped to tell me my son had been found. At that moment and not before, I started to bawl and nearly collapsed. The memory stirred up as I’m typing brings me to tears once again.

But anyway…back to the music that is Monday. Overall, it was a lovely visit to the museum that Sunday. I always treasure time spent with my family. And this is why I’ve chosen Mahna Mahna as my music for today. Come dance with me!!

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15 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – Mahna Mahna

  1. To cute! I love this video. My grandson will be over today. I have to show him this. Thanks. By the way, not sure, but I don’t think you signed our linky today – you must’ve forgotten. Thanks for joining though. Great, great choice. Hope you play along next week too for any song that begins with T for Thanksgiving. Woo Hoo! Have a good one!

    • Hi Dolly! I didn’t forget to stop by, just haven’t made it over yet. I’m on my way there now! You can consider me a regular on the dance floor now. I’ll be there whenever I can. I love MMMM!!

  2. I would have Freaked. Out. Glad everything turned out OK!!

    And this song? I LOVE it. It’s one of my many favorites of the Muppets! :)

    MMMM: PN Birthday, In My Daughter’s Eyes

  3. So this is where this song came from!!!! I love it! Yes I have to let my kids see this one too.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. I was not made aware that I was responsible for little ones.

  5. Back again so my kids can hear it

  6. This bring back the best of memories….my kids are grown now…but we had a ball with this one…and a personal fav of mine as well…Shhhh…my kids dont know that…lolol..!

  7. Oh my goodness, that must have been so scary!! I’m very glad that everything turned out okay and you guys had a great time at the exhibit {other then the whole getting lost indecent} :)

    What a cute video! Love it xD

    Have a musical week!

  8. I love that video and made me smile today. thank you!! So glad that your three year old is okay–must have been SO SCARY!!

  9. I still totally LOVE the Muppets!! I love going to Hollywood Studios at Disney to the Muppet Theater for the 3-D show.
    I know how you feel about the missing little one, I “misplaced” one at a store once and freaked out looking for him, but didn’t start to cry until we found him. Isn’t it amazing how we can keep it together when we need to and then fall apart when everything is OK?
    So glad you are now playing along every week, can’t wait to see your pick for next Monday. HUGS!!

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