Music Moves Me Monday – Make Mine Country


This week’s theme presented me with a small challenge. While I like most all music, I don’t consider myself a fan of country. I am unfamiliar with today’s artists and wasn’t sure where to begin.

Then I remembered a time when I was a huge country music fan so I went back to there. I started typing artist’s names into youtube and was reminded of why I loved it so much then.

So the second challenge began. How do I narrow it down to my choice for today. I started with Waylon. I’ve Always Been Crazy describes me fairly well.

Then Eddie Rabbit. I Love a Rainy Night as much as he does.

My mind started racing. I was thinking Barbara Mandrell and Tom T Hall and Johnny Cash. So many, many fabulous country artists to choose from. What song would best express me?

While looking through Eddie’s videos I stumbled upon Crystal Gayle. I LOVE HER! Her voice is wonderful, her hair was amazing and such a pretty face too.

I selected Crystal to represent me this week and decided to use her Muppet Show version of River Road for my MMMM spotlight song.

Challenge complete. Ready to post my blog. Yeah…not quite.

I discovered yet another challenge for this week. I’ve been selected as a spotlight dancer! I don’t know what I’m doing and just hope I figure it out all in time. Thanks so much for choosing me XmasDolly! I am sincerely honored. I just hope I won’t let you down.

For those of you that would like to play along with us, just follow these steps:

1. -Select your favorite online music videos to share.

2. -Grab the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme button off XmasDolly or Shewbridge’s.

3. -Grab XmasDolly’s and Lorie’s buttons and sign the Linky on one site or the other.

4. -Visit other participant sites and share some comment love. Get to know one another and have fun!


6 responses to “Music Moves Me Monday – Make Mine Country

  1. You could never let me down. You write some a beautiful interesting Post. I truly hope you’ve become a fan of the 4M’s. Being in the Spotlight Dance you’ve already been entered on our Linky. If you will look I’ve entered you in the No. 6 position (being as you were chosen second & have the 4 hosts), so if you’d like to put our linky on your blog also feel free. You are co-hosting, and CONGRATS! Next week is freebie week, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with then. I love your choices this week, and why. Crystal Gale was always a favorite of mine. She has such a wonderful soothing kind of voice. Have a great day.

    • Thank you! I botched and am now listed twice on the Linky. Bah.
      I’m working on figuring out how to add it to my post…but I keep getting distracted. Almost there!
      I am definitely a fan of the 4M’s…and will return each week unless I’m unable to for some reason. I need the music and am glad to meet everyone!!

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of country music, but these are just classics. And you know, I remember that Muppet Show episode. Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

  3. I forgot all about Crystal Gayle’s stint with the Muppets! LOVE her! Great choices for sure! :)

  4. I’m not really huge on country, but you chose some great videos for this week :)

    Have a great week!

  5. Great choices… I always loved Crystal Gale and wanted her hair SO much when I was a kid because mine was so curly and her’s was so long a beautiful.
    I also adore the Muppets, so this is the perfect choice in my opinion.
    Thanks for playing along and I can’t wait to see your choice for next week.

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