Bananas Ghirardania, The Concept

On Dad’s birthday, friends and family gathered at his house for a backyard wiener roast. He put in a new patio and fire pit and we were anxious to hang out there together. The cookout went really well…the food was delicious but we all made sure to save room for s’mores.

When it came time to roast marshmallows, I watched as a friend started ripping off sheets of foil. Then she cut bananas into fourths (peel on), placed each banana section onto a single sheet of foil, and topped the banana with several small chocolate pieces and a couple marshmallows. Next, she wrapped them shut and threw the packets onto the hot coals. After they sizzled for a bit, the packets were removed from the coals with tongs. We opened them and ate our delicious banana treats with spoons right from the wrapper.

They were warm, gooey, fruity and several kinds of sweet. I really really liked them. They were such a treat that I decided to replicate the recipe at home. I cooked mine out on my fire pit but instead of throwing them directly onto the coals, I placed my banana packets into a single pie tin first.

Once they were cooked through and sizzling, I dumped the cooked fruit and ooey gooey-ness onto a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream. Incredibly delicious! Something amazing happened after the warmed chocolate met with my cold vanilla ice cream. I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time I’d make these.

Just this past week, I chose to make them again. I didn’t want to bother with a fire however, so I came up with a recipe to make indoors. I must say, this turned out very nicely! You must try these for yourself!!


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