It’s Asparagus Season!!

I love to grow and eat my own produce. I would LOVE to live where I have the space, the facilities and equipment to grow nearly all of my own produce. I’d like to have chickens and maybe even goats.

I also love to be able to get good grub from the wild. Wild berries, mushrooms and asparagus are delicious directly from roadside to table. Before they even know they’re dead, your body can take the nutrients and make them your own.

Wild asparagus can be found growing along roadsides and very often along railways. The plant has fine, feathery foliage and grows to be about four to five feet tall. It’s a perennial growing from a tuberous root. Only the small new spears are eaten and can be collected in early spring.

Earlier this week, I went to check MY asparagus patch north of town. I worried I was late in doing so and feared the spears would be too tall and my season nearly over. I was right on time however and was able to cut the first ten spears to bring home. I should be able to visit my patch and cut new asparagus shoots for the next few weeks. Usually, my 5 year-old and I eat it until we’re sick of it and then I freeze the rest for future use. Yummy stuff…and FREE!


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