Sure Happy It’s Thursday!

I’ve always liked the clever acronym for this day and it often runs privately through my mind each Thursday. You’ve heard of TGIF but what about SHIT? In recognition of SHIT-day I thought I’d recognize some things that make me happy.

My 3 year-old is potty-trained!
I no longer have to buy diapers for daytime use.
I am throwing fewer diapers into the landfill.
My baby is a little boy.

My 5 year-old has decided to sleep in her own bed in her own room. This is bittersweet.
There is more room in the bed for me!
My baby girl is a big girl.

My 15 year-old is applying to a better school!
He was actually interested in my proposed idea.
He has taken the application to school to acquire letters of recommendation.
He is apparently viewing the $60 study guide and reviewing for the upcoming early morning SSAT test!

My 24 year-old found a job!
My 28 year-old found a job too!

The list goes on and on…but I hate blogs that go on and on and on. What are you happy about today?


One response to “Sure Happy It’s Thursday!

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    Wow! Those are great things to happen. And all in 1 week, too!!!!
    What am I happy about? Because tomorrow is TGIF…
    Lindsey Petersen

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