I Can Bake Like Paula Deen!

Simple Ingredients & Lots o' Love

I’ve tried this recipe three times now. I smell SUCCESS!! These rolls are in no way complicated to make and the ingredients can be found on-hand in most standard kitchens. It does take some time from ingredient gathering to finished product, but that’s due to essential leavening periods. The actual hands-on preparation takes no time at all. The video guide provided is an excellent reference and I recommend that you watch it at least once before you begin.

I omitted raisins and nuts. I’ll probably try it with them at some point, but for now, I prefer without. The icing is delicious! I poured half of it over the freshly baked rolls while they were still in the pan. I used the remainder of the icing to pour over individual servings. Nice and ooey-gooey!

Click on yummy photo to be directed to the recipe on foodnetwork.com. Don’t be afraid to attempt this recipe…you will be justly rewarded with tender, fresh, warm cinnamon-y sweet rolls!


4 responses to “I Can Bake Like Paula Deen!

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. (Thanks for leaving a message on mine so I could find it!)
    I like your style.. and I can’t wait to try the rolls.

  2. Thanks for linking this up with our new meme… you are such a sweetheart!

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