All Right Now…for Now

The result of the biopsy is in! The cells were reactive. I was still cloudy of the outcome when he told me this. Do all doctors talk this way? I gathered from his tone that this is good news. I found out later at home on the Internet…reactive = benign. But he’s not going to let me jump for joy over this. The cells were reactive, no indication of lymphoma at this time…but there’s a chance that the sampling was too small…and that a full biopsy and possible removal of the gland may be in our future. What a pessimist. We go back in six months.

The result is reactive because my baby girl is fine. I can put the fear of lymphoma out of my head. I have bumpy kids that’s all. I’ll continue to keep an eye on their nodes…to watch for any sudden growth or changes. But we’ve passed this now. And now is all we’ve got. The present is a gift…oh, happy day!


2 responses to “All Right Now…for Now

  1. Soooooo glad to hear such wonderful news! Now relax, momma!

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