Ooo-oo Dream Griever – I Believe You Can Help Me Through the Night

Dreamed about my mom this morning. She had reluctantly returned to us after a long absence. I felt like she was actually there with me and not just in a dream. Her hair was black again. She was young and full of life but there was a sadness about her.

She was walking outdoors with my oldest sister. I was trying to hang freshly washed towels on the line. I was carrying more than I could handle when they pointed out how many I’d dropped. I was walking along stooping over to pick them up. I became concerned with the time and resources I was wasting by getting them dirty again. I was proud to report to Mom that I could just run them through the rinse cycle and not have to re-wash them…not quite as wasteful.

Mom was a little dismayed about all the work that was piling up. She pointed out dandelions that were growing along the inside wall of a big machine shed in the back yard. I was happy to ease her worry. I had already planned to come out with a hoe later that day to take care of the weeding.

Mom was with us out of a sense of duty or obligation. Dad had retrieved her from her new home, but I could tell she longed to be back there. She was much happier when she was away. I wanted her with me, but wanted her happy too. I set her free…told her not to worry about us and to go back. We’ll be okay.

..but I really miss my mom.


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