We are Post-Op!

The surgery is behind us at last. Re-checks are in two weeks. What have I learned from this experience?

It is really important to be pro-active in your family’s health. I was surprised by how many receptionists told me that I couldn’t combine Hilly’s two procedures, when in fact it can be done…has been done. I wish I had kept track so I’d know how many phone calls, set-backs and adjustments I went through to make it happen.

We did it. I did it. If not for me, Hilly would have to be sedated twice and that was the scariest part for me. I don’t know how I could take her there again. No fooling her now. She will probably never trust me again. I truly hurt and feel sorry for the parents whose little ones have to go through so much pain and personal invasion due to serious illnesses. My heart and prayers go out to them.

I have realized from these experiences that even though I see myself as a strong-ish woman, I’m even stronger than I realized. I request no further testing of my awesome strength however, and am ready to be a soft loving momma for a while now. Translation…Hilly’s test results will come back negative and we’ll move on without incident.

I have a soft spot for kids and a serious grudge against cancer. Don’t mess with us!


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