Testate, Schmestate…Heir Error

We’re having a party. Have to tell you…as a family, we’re very good with parties…always fun! I hope this one will be great. My sisters and I, along with a few of our kids and an aunt (so far) are gathering at my house with our scanners to rescue our old family photos. I’m happy to be able to function with my family. Most of my family anyhow.

My grandfather passed away last year, less than a year after my mother, his youngest daughter. I miss them both immensely. I was shocked to learn that I was named heir to my grandfather’s estate. One of many, but even 1/5th of 1/3rd of 2/3rds of a few hundred thousand dollars can be a noticeable windfall…maybe even life-changing. I thought for sure we would be left out. To be included felt very good no matter at what dollar amount.

I never thought I would inherit anything from anybody. I tried hard not to get excited about it, but I did go out and buy a new vacuum and a new sewing machine in anticipation. My logical, somewhat skeptical side reminded me to heed Murphy’s Law, so I remained cautiously optimistic. Recently though, this has turned to disgusted pessimism. I was notified that my mother’s sisters…or rather “the estate” has excluded us from an IRA or two. That’s NOT what it says to do in Papa’s will.

My sisters and I are unfamiliar with estate law and we don’t know what to do. We’ve concluded, for now to sit and wait a bit. As I understand estate laws for our state, what Pa’s widow can take from us, we cannot fight and what our aunts want to exclude us from Pa’s widow won’t allow. We can sit back and watch them duke it out I suppose.

We are content as we are, happy with the families we’ve made. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. We are blessed regardless.


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