Little Dreamer

I’m changing my daughter’s name from H to Hilly for this and all subsequent posts about her. I started using H because it seems that’s the standard for online codenames–first initial. I hate it though. Well, now her name is Hilly. She has no clue and I have no idea why I chose it. Anyway…I give you, Hilly’s dream. ETA: Now known as Miss Ivanka. ;o)

Hilly dreamed we were driving to Walt Disney World in the van. There were Barbies riding with us. “Barbie goes with a tramp.” she said. I needed further explanation about this tramp. “It’s a car-kind of tramp…like in Madagascar 2.” Hilly sketched a tramp for me.

car-like tramp

She explained that she didn’t like the Barbies. They all had a red scratch on the back of their necks…so she was throwing them out the window at our hotel. Many of them would pop when they hit the road. We started with about ten but soon there were around thirty! They would replicate right out of the seats of the tramp. One of the Barbie’s popped just as Hilly was about to toss it out the window.

“I hated this dream, but it was pretty cool.” Funny girl.


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