You Suck Man

I was pretty happy to get my new vacuum. I’d been suffering with the broken one long enough. My old Dirt Devil still had a lot of suck left in it, but I was continually having to replace the brush and belt of the power head. I decided I wasn’t buying anymore parts for it and used it on hands and knees with just the hose to clean my floors for as long as I could stand it. It was time for a new sweeper.

I purchased my Hoover Windtunnel from Sears three months ago. I decided on the model next to it initially and asked for assistance with my purchase. The Eureka was a pretty aqua color and seemed to be just what I wanted. I was swayed however, by the salesman who informed me that it fell apart easily and often. I believed him and went with the ugly olive green Hoover instead.

That Really Sucks!

I love it. It’s easy to use, not too heavy and the long retractable cord is a bigger plus than I imagined it would be. The adjustable head is a plus factor for me too. Suction is great! So far, it’s easy to maintain. I prefer having a system that I don’t have to buy a lot of parts for. No need to buy replacement bags or filters. The canister holds a good amount of dirt and is easy to remove and dump. I haven’t had to wash the filter yet but am very happy that I have that option.

I feel so much better equipped now. This vacuum is a good buy.


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