My Tiny Truant

H & KWe skipped out of school today and played with a baby instead. It felt right.

Dr J wants Miss Ivanka to have an FNA biopsy. He irritated me with the news. Why would he say it like that? He could have said fine needle aspiration biopsy. At least at the introduction of the concept. FNA hmmpf.

If it were me, there would be no issue. It’s a simple procedure, almost painless. Just poke me in the neck and it’s over. But try jabbing a 5 year-old in the neck with the finest damned needle your ass can locate and you’ll have a problem.

They need to sedate my baby. They also need to sedate her for dental work. I need to coordinate these events and I feel a strong urge to run to the Disney hospital. Seems to me that being there would make the ordeal an entirely different situation. I have too little information to do this though and I need to get it figured out fast.

Research mode. One of my finer points.


6 responses to “My Tiny Truant

  1. I don’t know where to start with all of this.

    First of all, I think it’s completely reasonable for you to be concerned about your kids’ health. But don’t let your concern turn to paranoia. The chance of your doctor running to the hallway to tell his nurse there’s some serious problem with H that he’s not telling you about is very small. More likely they were talking about the staff member who once AGAIN left her dirty coffee cup in the kitchen, the sample that STILL isn’t back from the lab, Mrs. X who’s called for the tenth time because her baby sneezed, or how they’re going to get away this weekend without her husband finding out.

    Here’s the thing…if you really believe he doesn’t tell you everything, that he was talking about H with his nurse in the hallway, and given the way he gave you the news about the biopsy, I’d say you should find a doctor you can trust. Locally. You’ll need him for other things in the future, too. Unless he’s a diagnostic genious get rid of this guy.

    Why go to Florida for a procedure like an FNA biopsy? What’s going to happen when she needs an innoculation for school or she gets chicken pox? What about sedating her at home and taking her in while she’s asleep? She’s wake up ant home and be none the wiser. They do that for people who are afraid of dentists. If you express your concern to the doctor you should be offered options. If not, find someone else. This is a simple needle aspirate, not a major surgery. They deal with little kids all the time.

    It seems to me that going to a hospital and making it a special trip, will blow this up for H way bigger than it should be for her. Why give her the idea that there’s something big wrong with her? Get the aspirate done locally, and get on with it.

    • Well…H has had innoculations and such here locally with not much distress. I think in my head, I’ve blown this up bigger than it is at the moment and am fearing the worst. And even though I try to keep it to myself, I know I’m scaring her too. So guilt is a huge factor in my thinking.

      All your points are valid and I’m glad you presented me with them. I’m maybe too close to it all to sound logical and I do tend to ramble when I write.

      I was thinking of a 3rd scenario today…and that is to keep the pediatric dentist we last saw and ask if there is a pediatric surgeon that would be willing to do the biopsy at the same time. I hope to have a decision made and an appointment scheduled by tomorrow.

  2. That’s a great idea…combine the appointments so she would only have to be sedated once. Hope you can find doctors who will cooperate.

  3. I honestly can’t believe how hard it is to get an appointment for this. I decided to go with the pediatric dentist and whatever surgeon they work with. H is a kid after all…pediatrics seems the best option. I thought a decision would land me an appointment. Nope.

    The dentist’s receptionist tells me they don’t do this…but I insisted that I discussed this with Dr H already. She has Dr H call me back…3 days later, on Monday.

    On Monday, Dr H gives me the number of their dentist that will do this. I call him on Tuesday. His receptionist says they don’t do this. I insist that they do and explain the FNA a little and she says she will have to ask Dr R. Guess what. He’s out and will call me tomorrow.

    Maybe I should have called Dr R’s office yesterday. I want to get this done! I want H’s teeth fixed and I want the negative results from her f’n FNA biopsy. Get thee behind me.

  4. Dr R’s office called me back…after I impatiently called them again. They can’t schedule anything or make an appointment to see H until I have an appointment with a surgeon. They can’t give me the name of a surgeon they are able to work with either.

    Still no appointment.

    I tried to find a Carle pediatric surgeon online and found one listed at AETNA website. He’s listed as being in Tuscola. Bingo! I call, but the website lied. Tuscola refers me to Urbana. I call Urbana, they transfer me to Carle pediatrics on University. Still they can’t help me and I am told to call Dr J and have him refer me to a Carle doctor. I see online, that Dr J is affiliated with Carle as well as Provena. Maybe he’ll work with Dr R. maybe?

    Strangely, I’m feeling very close to an actual appointment here. I cry a little from relief which is much different than crying in frustration. But the battery is dead on my phone, so there’s just a little more waiting and a bit more frustration to endure here today. Charge damn it!

  5. The doctors have been selected and I now have an appointment for a consultation. An appointment for the procedures will be made then. February 4th was the soonest I could get in.

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