unFit to be Tied

I WILL return to healthy eating and exercise!

With almost impressive dedication, I set out to shed pounds and increase strength last June. I enjoyed the lifestyle change and the physical result. I hit my target, ideal weight in five months and was ready to take on distance running. But then I got sick. It was never completely awful, but it did hang on for weeks. I coughed a lot and had little energy. I lost the will to run.

Luckily I was able to maintain my weight without keeping up the exercise. I continued healthy eating though. My portions were smaller and I cut out a lot of fatty sweet crap. I started throwing away food that the kids didn’t eat instead of acting like a human garbage disposal.

Now I’ve mucked up my eating too! I’ve ingested a ridiculous amount of sweet crap and have experienced a bit of over-eating at mealtime these past two weeks. I see the numbers creeping up slowly on the scale and know that NOW is the time to get back to exercising and eating right.

Resolution #3


One response to “unFit to be Tied

  1. I’ve cleaned up my act! MOST of the fatty sweet crap is out and I’m USUALLY NOT over-eating. One pound over my ideal weight in jammies this morning. I did not verify that the scale was set to zero, however. It gets messed up sometimes. Things like that happen in a house full of small children and spiritual beings.

    I am anxious to get out walking and running again when it warms up. There’s no way I’ll get out in the cold with the kids. It’s still easier for me to struggle with them on my efforts than to try and arrange for childcare. It’s better for us to be a bit warmer.

    How are YOU doing?

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