I resolve to take a photo each day. In 2008, I completed a photo-a-day project–Project 2008. I enjoyed making it and am happy to have a photographic record of that year. I thought I might do it again for 2009, but with the death of my mother at the end of 2008, I just wasn’t in the mood anymore. I’m still recovering from my deep loss but am in the mood to take pictures again finally.

I want to know my camera better. I need to play with it on a daily basis. I would love to have a digital SLR and think this might be my year. I need to improve my skill level first. Currently, I’m slightly better than awful.

I often fantasize about taking photos as I’m driving. I see something that catches my attention and feel an urge to pull-over and shoot it. Sometimes, I do but mostly, I don’t. I don’t usually have time to stop and capture my siting, but I’ll work towards correcting this. I also fantasize about walking around in the woods alone with a camera. In a canoe going down river would be great too. Maybe I can even work towards those.

My project so far this year: Project 2010 .

Resolution #2


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