She Blew Her Mind Out in a Car

She hadn’t noticed that the light had changed. 

My Christmas lights this year are all from Christmas past.  I lost 2 boxes of my inventory and am left with only the lights attached to memories.  M&M lights adorn the mirror in the 1/2 bath–Mom.  A 14″ plastic candle trio sets in the dining area window–Grandma.  My kitchen window is adorned with old flower style clear set and plastic red bells covered in styrofoam snow–Mom and Grandma.  I bought 4 new strings for the Christmas tree, but they are rarely ever on so they don’t count.  The tree is crappy and I remember now…that last year, I was contemplating throwing it out.  I know a perfect gift for me…a new Christmas tree.  Buy it on Christmas Eve and set it up with all our ornaments while the kidlettes are sleeping.  Fun!

 No zero hour PE and early dismissal today!  I have no idea what I need to do.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter yet.  I know I’m rolling out of bed in time to brush my teeth and  change my clothes for a brief public appearance.  Hopefully I’ll find some great fresh flowers for a fabulous kindergarten teacher.  Get kids ready for school…Christmas party!

It’s coming to me gradually.  Time to do this day.


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