Mister E was here….and said, “It’s that house!”  He knows stories about my house!

Spectral images waking the homeowners from their sleep.   A little girl tugging on their covers, “Please, please!!  Help my daddy out of the trunk!!”

On New Year’s Eve, cabinet doors would get opened and items would be moved.  The residents knew for certain that no family members moved these things.

Some of the stories are BAD…with strong emphasis on BAD.  Not exactly ready to know yet, so I didn’t push for more.

At the family skating party, my baby sister told me her sighting story again, this time in person.  She felt no fear when she saw the apparitions.  There was a man in the kitchen and a girl on the stairs.  She’ll ask her friend if she has any stories to share.  I hope she remembers.

So I’m back to a little bit scared.  Still thinking the television reporter could’ve misled me, but wondering again who lives here with me.


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