Paranormal or Just Abnormal?

My interview was the final step in getting my story to air.  It would be a small blip on the morning news and most people would never see it.  I was really looking forward to it though.

I have an unreasonable fear of speaking on camera and was hoping this would help me overcome it.  I felt thoroughly capable this time and was eager to try.

For three days in a row, a local reporter canceled and rescheduled my interview.  First night, he drove away from the station without the camera.  Second night I don’t remember now and third night the camera was in the shop.

When he called to cancel on the final night…he started to say that he’d just take the footage he had and the experiences and feelings I’d shared and use them for his report.

I interjected to add my feelings about having an old man and a little girl here based on the BO and floral fragrances…then told him about the email from my baby sister.

I sent an email shortly after the reporter’s first call.  My sister had visited the house frequently in the past so I asked if she had any stories of the haunting.

She admitted that there had been paranormal experiences with two families that had lived here before.  She, personally had seen the ghost of a little girl standing at the top of the stairs and on another evening the ghost of a creepy old man.

When the reporter heard this, he switched gears.  He said that he would like to do a full blown story with the production crew.  He knew of professional ghost hunters in the area and wanted to invite them in also.  I was in disbelief.

It was exciting to think that I might actually get information about what was going on here.  Maybe a more solid “no” or resounding “maybe” as to what was or wasn’t going on here.  I was happy about having ghosts.


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