Scented Presence

I welcomed the reporter into my home and led him up the stairs.  I showed him to the new toy room and tried to herd the kids out of the way.

He was alone and the camera was much smaller than I’d envisioned.  I assumed he was going to turn it on and leave it for the night, so I offered to remove a lamp from the table.  I thought he could place the camcorder there.  He told me not to bother.

As I headed down the stairs with the kids, the reporter called out my name.  He’d found something already and asked me if I wanted to see it.  He implied that I might not want to know.

I was too curious.  I had to see what it was.  Only 30 seconds into recording, an orb of light, an inch or two in diameter, appeared in the playback screen.  It hovered near the floor and  moved steadily and deliberately.

The reporter attempted to film again, but found that his fully charged battery had suddenly died.  He ran out to his car for backup only to find all of his batteries dead.

He plugged the camcorder into the wall and recorded into the dark of the room once more.  Again the orb(s) appeared.  The reporter decided to tape yet again and let the camera record for a longer period of time.  He left the camcorder running upstairs and we all walked down to the kitchen to wait.

During our initial phone conversation, I had no ghost stories to share.  But during my organizing venture, I recalled a few things that made me wonder.  I mentioned how I was uncomfortable having my son sleep in this room and how I only used it for storage.

I mentioned the smells that are sometimes present and how they occasionally waft down the hall.  One is the fragrance of flowers and the other is the odor of an old man.

The floral scent is very pleasing.  It’s unlike any perfume that I know of.  I would definitely buy it if I could find it bottled.  I’ve tried to find a logical source but there isn’t one.

The old man smell is very distinctive and considerably strong at times.  I’ve tried to trace it to odors that might be trapped in curtains, carpets, furniture and clothes, but nada.  It’s just there, in the air…it comes and it goes.


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