Restless Messless Room

In order to allow filming in my house, I really needed to reorganize the haunted room.  It was filled with toy overflow, outgrown clothes, stacks of cushions and piles of blankets.

I had been hoping to transform it into a boys’ playroom since Miss Ivanka decided Jonebug can no longer play in hers.  A video camera and newscaster are excellent motivators.

The room at the top of the stairs was a baby’s room when I first moved in.  It housed Miss Ivanka’s crib, her dresser, stuffed animals, but no baby.  I went in to select her clothing and sleepwear, but not much else ever went on inside.

After my oldest son moved out, I transferred Miss Ivanka’s things down the hall across from my room.  I didn’t like the idea of her room being so close to the stair case.  Not that it really mattered as she, to this day, sleeps with me…but I did envision a time where she might be using her room, go on a sleep walking jaunt and tragically fall down the stairs.

Then at some point, I moved my middle son’s bed into the room.  Kimeters’ dresser, television, desk and gaming consoles remained in his original room, but to give him more space I relocated his bed.

I was never comfortable with him in there though and actually felt guilty having him sleep there.  In the back of my mind, part of me did believe in the haunted rumor and I felt that if it were true, it was going on in this room.

Not long after moving him in there, I moved him back out.  Ever since then, the room has been used only for storage and unknowing overnight guests.

I spent a good part of the day rearranging and getting the room in order.  It was one of those tasks that you just feel good about afterward.  I stood inside and looked around at what I had accomplished.

It turned out to be a great playroom and the kids enjoyed the newness of it.  With the arduous task behind me, I messaged the reporter and gave him the okay to bring the camera.  I still believed the attempt to video-record would be a waste of time, but I felt strongly compelled to comply.

The reporter returned my call later that night and said he was ready to come over.  I let him know I was ready and he was on his way.  40 seconds later he was at my door.


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