Got Spooks?

Recently, I received a phone call from a local newscaster.  The reporter warned me right away that “This could be the weirdest phone call you’ve ever received.”

I expected him to ask me if I might be interested in babysitting for his young children.  Not sure what would be so weird about that, as it’s what I do for a living…but that’s what I was thinking.

He went on to say that he was looking for a haunted house and my name was mentioned.  I admitted that I’d heard about the supposed haunting, but had no stories to confirm the claims.  Then I agreed, that this was the strangest phone call I had ever received.

We further discussed the possibility of a haunting and I confessed that I did have strange feelings about one particular room at the top of the stairs.  The reporter asked if I would mind if he brought a camera into my home during the evening to see if he could get evidence on video.

I was skeptical that any newsworthy material would be recorded, but I agreed to let him check it out.  He left his number and I was to call and let him know when it was okay to come with the camcorder.

I envisioned a large video camera on a tripod.  It would be set up in the spare room upstairs over night and then be checked the next day to see if any objects moved around the room on their own.  I just knew NOTHING was going to be recorded.


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