My Orbs

I’m rid of the fleas that were eating on me, but now I have spectral orbs.  Not sure what to do or think about it.  At least the orbs don’t seem to want to chew on my ankles.

Shortly after moving into my home in July of 2005, folks began to tell me that my house is haunted.  No stories, no specifics, just the fact that I might not be alone here.  I was amused by the claims and found them unconvincing.

I’m basically a logical person and by my standards, this house isn’t even old.  I know it was built over thirty years ago, but if it was constructed in my lifetime, it’s a new house in my eyes.  How can it have a history?

Despite my logical side, which admittedly can be fuzzy now and then, I can sometimes scare myself very late at night.  What if the claims are true?  What if spirits do dwell here?

I live alone with my three youngest children in a large 4-bedroom home with an attached 2-car garage on a double corner lot with three front yards.  Usually my anxieties are fairly rational and are caused by creatures of the living world–the true-life psychos I’ve seen on Court TV or criminals I hear about on the news.  But late late at night, thoughts can go wild and fear can take over.

These late night apprehensions for the most part have been few and far between…until now.


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