Fire When Ready

Andy lost his glasses.  While disheartening, it’s no surprise to me at all.  Glasses aren’t cheap and he really must have them to see, but he loses things.  I suggested he clean his room in hopes they would materialize.  This brought no results, so I ordered him to clean his room and stepped in to peer around myself.  This is when I spotted the gun.

Andy has always been fascinated by guns, actually any weapon, since a very young age.  It’s a male thing.  Both his brothers have shared this interest, but neither of his sisters have displayed any appeal in them at all.  Andy’s captivation has been especially keen however.  Almost all of his life, he’s slept with his favorite toy guns and knives.  Under his pillow, at the ready, for whatever imagined threat that might attack in the night.

I picked up the small hand gun and looked it over.  I assumed that it’s an air gun, given to him by his gun-crazed father.  I aim at the wall and pull the trigger repeatedly.  “Is this an air gun Andy?”  “No,” he replies.  It takes a while to sink in, but I’ve just found a small pistol under my teenagers bed.  A real gun!

Last year, I found a hand gun in my front yard.  I assumed it was real until I found the word Daisy scribed on it.  This time I find a real gun and assume it’s a BB gun.  It’s astonishing to me how similar they look.  At a distance, not even an expert would be able to tell them apart.

I can’t even remember the exact order of events now, but I got the story that the gun was found in my son’s borrowed golf bag and had unintentionally made it to a couple of golf outings!  YIKES!!  He assumed it was his grandfather’s gun and he didn’t tell me about it because I’m “annoying”.  But somewhere in the explanation he tells me it’s his dad’s hand gun.  I don’t realize the conflicting facts right away and go with what I’m given.

Andy’s father calls.  He’s interested in coming by to pick up Andy and spend some time with him.  I take the opportunity to tell him that Andy lost his glasses.  Then ask if there’s anything that he’s lost.

I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.  I wish there were fewer idiots with guns.

Andy, a minor, had free access to a weapon (that Daron thought was loaded).  Intrigued, he brought it home to explore it for a couple weeks.  Andy’s dad goes on with his own life, readily blowing off his son for a month and Andy is out of an opportunity to return the gun to it’s home for over a month.  I don’t really know what the hell happened.  Andy didn’t intend to take permanent possesion of the gun.  I do believe this.  He did not intend to harm anyone with the gun.  I do know this.

I do believe that I wish Andy’s father would roll over and die.


One response to “Fire When Ready

  1. OK…I’m over the evil death wish. I was just VERY angry when it finally occurred to me the real danger that had been present under my roof…all because of one ignorant macho gun lover. Well…the death wish is mostly gone anyhow.

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