We all have real life insecurities.  Now thanks to the Internet highway and success of social forums such as facebook, myspace and twitter, we can all have insecurities in the virtual world as well.  You send an email that goes unanswered, leave comments that get deleted or find yourself removed from a contact’s friend list.  You can’t help but wonder why any of these has happened.  Do you owe them money, have you offended them, do they know something about you that even you, yourself have no awareness of?  You even start to wonder if something from your deep, dark past has risen to the surface and everyone else is chatting about you behind your back.  Then you realize that perhaps the email was lost in cyberspace, maybe you didn’t hit submit after leaving the comment….or maybe a system glitch has removed you as a friend.  Most of us will never investigate or uncover the truth.  We’ll go on forming answers from our little insecurities.  Maybe step away from the computer and get back to the real world.


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