Our Sea of Hope

Survivors' Lap

Relay for Life, despite a deep, painful emptiness was a tremendous success this year. We pulled in a whopping $52,207.82 to aid in the fight against breast cancer and had a incredibly good time doing it.

We followed the theme, “Sea of Hope” and decorated our campsite like a cruise ship. We won first place for our efforts and our team, Pink Jell-O Posse sold the most luminarias. Many people decorated their bags this year and some were superb. It was touching to see all the wonderful tributes. Many thanks to Lana for her fabulous artwork and also for thinking to photograph her handiwork.

Our Shining Light

We ranked third in donations earning us a bronze. Yeah!!! We had a really great turnout this year and the nasty weather that threatened never set in.

I headed home with the kiddos around midnight though I wished I could have stayed longer. Once I got them home in bed, there was no dragging my tired butt back.

Solemn Sweety

I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year.


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