Time to Grow

The vegetable garden is nearly finished. I’m not usually planted this early. But then again I’m usually getting ready for Walt Disney World this time of year (sniff, sniff). I have strawberries blooming along my privacy fence. Even a few small green strawberries have begun to appear. Black rasberries have bloom heads all over. I hope for another good crop this year.

I put the jalapenos and habaneros out in the veggie bed this morning. Sweet red peppers joined this afternoon. The tomatoes have been out since Friday or Saturday. Peas are already starting to emerge from the ground and I planted even more of them yesterday. Hannah helped sow 3 rows of carrots and a couple rows of mescalin. The previous weekend she helped me set our onions. We have about a half dozen reds and half dozen yellows.

After dinner last night, I snuck out and put in a patch of spinach. I also planted bush zucchini and summer squash along the privacy fence…north of the strawberries and rasberries. Further north, in the corner of the fence border, I have plans for hyacinth bean vine and cleome. The hoe and seeds sit out in the vegetable garden, waiting for me to escape daycare duties. The little ones are falling out for a nap…it could happen.

In the northeast and southeast corners of the garden I placed a couple watermelon plants. Between them, I staggered two hills of muskmelon. 4 romas, 4 celebrities, 2 jalapenos, a habanero, and 4 sweet red peppers are at this end too.

Next are 2 rows of green beans crossing the garden like a divider. I’ve furrowed small trenches where they’ll be planted, but haven’t dropped the seeds yet. 4 eggplants will fill the space left between the beans and the peas, carrots, spinach and salad.

The herb bed is already looking great with basil, oregano, thyme, dill, chives, lavender and nasturtiums. The violets add a very nice touch of color. The hens & chicks add interest.

I have a fairly crowded garden this year. Don’t want to waste any space! Should be some good eatin’!


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