Work Should NOT Suck!

What would you do if you had a million dollars? Think about it seriously. What would you do? After the initial shopping spree, and the much-needed vacation…every day life would return. What would it be like? Apparently, the answer to this question is what you should do every day now. Somehow, it should work into what you could enjoyably do for a living.

I’ve thought about this often and am surprised by what I’ve found. I’d be a farmer. Not a corn and beans farmer. Not a spraying chemicals all over the place farmer…not an injecting synthetic hormones and nutrients into mistreated animals kind of farmer. I want to be an organic farmer. I want to grow whole foods for my family. I want to eat them fresh from the earth. I want to preserve them for the future. Maybe there will be surplus that I can sell locally at the farmers’ market. I want fruit trees and vegetable beds. I want flowers for all seasons.

I want to live about 500 miles south of here. I want a nice large pond or lake on my property. Give me a nicely wooded area too. Or just give me a grand plot of land and I’ll plant my own forest. I want sunshine and temperate climate.

My house will lie on high ground with no danger of flooding. I’ll have an underground storm shelter where I can run and hide with my weather anxieties. It will be complete with a huge inventory of goods produced and preserved on my farm. I’ll have a well down there as well.

Outdoors, I will have a system for catching and collecting rain water. Indoors, I will reuse my gray water. No room for waste. My house will rely on renewable energy and be made from recycled materials. It will be large enough to house all of my children and occasional guests. The kitchen will be the heart of the home–large, open and full of windows and tropical plants. There will be sunken gardens in the living area and water gardens out in the yard. There will be a cabin for my dad out back.

But anyway…I could get carried away with this. It’s time to do some research. I don’t need a million dollars to do this. I need to figure out where my farm is and get busy there!


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