Marlon Brando Doesn’t Like Me

He ignored me in my dream this morning.  He was fat, old and wore an awful hairpiece, but he was able to draw a crowd with no problem.  I watched intently, trying to catch his attention, but he seemed disgusted, unimpressed and went on with his lame routine as if I weren’t there.  I was ignoring what I was supposed to be doing in order to possibly talk with him…to tell him how great I think he is.  I should have been tending to my family…trying to get us all back together, but I wanted to talk with a crazy movie star instead.  I think he’s actually dead…what a huge waste of my time.
DD26 is at this moment running a marathon.  Go Jayne baby!  Love you always…wish I would have the strength to come see you cross the finish line.
DS22 is training and organizing for pro-gaming!!  Take us to Dallas Jory!!!  Always wishing I could do more for you to help you find peace and happiness…whatever you want…I want it for you.
DS13 is back in school…thank goodness.  He’s so intelligent and creative!  Please don’t let me screw you up.  You have such potential with your talents…develop them fully.
DD4 is anxiously awaiting her first day of school.  Preschool is starting a little late this year because they are moving to a new building.  I hope I won’t embarrass you much by crying when I drop you off on your first day…and your second, and your third…
DS1 is talking better all the time.  I can’t wait until I can understand what little man is saying.  He is so interesting and exciting.  Who is he going to be?
I want to be more for my kids but can’t help wanting to be something for me too.  I have interests and talents…no matter what Marlon Brando thinks of me.

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