Why Lie?

What makes a liar tick?  How do they get the way they are?  We all lie from time to time…everybody lies, but there are people that are just plain liars.  How do they get that way?

I once dated a pilot.  He flew commercially, part-time on weekends from Bloomington to St Louis to Indianapolis and back to Bloomington again.  He was also a private pilot, on-call and could have to fly out at any time to go just about anywhere in the US.  He flew for a wealthy gentleman that used to race motorcycles (?) with the pilot’s brother. 

The wealthy gentleman’s father was the CEO of a large, well-known corporation and the wealthy gentleman had a sister named Shelby.  Shelby and my friend, the pilot, had an intimate, yet plutonic relationship until Shelby along with her mother passed away tragically in an automobile accident.  Shelby willed to my friend, the pilot, $100,000 cash, a farm near Decatur and a semi tractor/trailer with a FedEx contract.  What am I leaving out…? There was so much more.

Oh my GOSH!!  All LIES…and I’m getting dizzy thinking about all the lies that evolved from this storyline and the separate lies that grew along side of it.  Please, don’t forget the lie about being divorced for many years, “I haven’t been married in a long, long time.”  I think back at all this and I’m sad that I can be so naive to believe anything I’m told.  But then I convince myself, that only an honest person could fall for all this and it’s because I’m one of the good guys.

Did it make me smarter?  Has it helped me in my relationships with other people?  I know it’s caused me to doubt the story of a friend I’ve met on the Internet, but is this good?  His stories about himself and his “family” are absolutely incredible.  But what if they are true and I’m looking at this friend as a liar, when he’s really not!

During the same time-frame as my flight with the pilot, I encountered liars in the workplace.  It’s a strange feeling to go to debate and suddenly realize you are at odds with a liar and they may quash you with lies!!  I have no weapons for combatting this.  I must have been horribly hurt or humiliated with lying in the past because I cannot lie like the liars!!  It feels unnatural…just very weird.  I think it must be a burden for the liars, but they seem unaffected.  I’m puzzled.

How am I supposed to handle people that can’t be honest?  When I encounter them, how do I interact?  He/she is in a movie and I’m part of the audience.  How does reality work alongside fantasy?  I should try and keep the lairs out but this isn’t always possible and they aren’t always easy to spot.  Silly me, I’ll probably just keep on trying to believe.