Case Dismissed!

The best news for me yesterday was that the case against DS22 was thrown out of court. While I was curious to know what the punishment for breaking a friend’s sunglasses and tearing up checks drawn on your own bank account might be…I’m sooooo glad of the outcome. Hell yes!! No more court dates pending and no more fines for the moment. Hopefully the progress will continue!!

Motherhood is a worrisome career.

DD26 is looking ahead to a Disney marathon. How exciting. This is something I might want to do when the little guys are older. I’m not sure what part of it I’m interested in, because I’m absolutely no fan of running. DS13 is on the graveyard shift…as he is every summer. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and he’s still sound asleep. Maybe having a nightmare…which is what you get for staying up all night, watching creepy crap on

This morning, I dreamed that I was about to be taken hostage. I wasn’t overly concerned…and was busy convincing my captors, two husky women, that they could continue doing whatever…because we hostages would be secure in a certain wing of the house. Crazy…I was walking them through the area that I felt should be our “prison” and hoping that they didn’t notice the NUMEROUS doors to the outside and staircases to different floors. Did I convince them? I don’t know. I was awakened by a knock on the door.

Crap! Erica was here with the kids and it was time to get to work. Nice that I was able to sleep in though…like getting a head start on the weekend!

Woohoo!!! It’s Friday.


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