No More Shared Thoughts

Back again to the position that there are no thoughts I want to share.  And surely anyone that has glanced at my blog out of curiosity will think it too boring to come back.  :(

Thinking about Sony Vegas.  How am I ever going to get all my photos and videos together?  There are too many!!!  Unless I get them organized into collections either on DVD, CD or in albums, they are wasted and can be easily lost.  crap…I’m overwhelmed.  The kids won’t allow me large enough time blocks to properly deal with it…but they grow so fast.  I can get to it all when I’m a lonely old woman I suppose.

Thinking about Sezmi and hoping for its success.  Cross your fingers!

Thinking about the County Fair.  Looks like I won’t be able to enter my photography.  I don’t really know how to frame.  Prefer “foam-core mounting.”  That’s new to me.  Didn’t allow myself enough time to figure it out.  Can’t enter any pies…still no oven, but it’s only been 6 months now that mine has been broken.  Maybe I should move into a new home that has one.  Maybe I can enter my green beans and tomatoes.

I hate today.  Not today specifically, but today I hate in general.  blah.  Not sure why I want to cry…but betting my pathetic ass will get over it later today and I’ll be more appreciative of what I have and where I am.

I smell poop.  Doody calls.  ugh


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